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"Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)"


Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful that our family is together once again to celebrate all the gifts life gives us. Best wishes to all with hopes that your weekend is full of laughter and music and whatever makes you happy.







Halliburton's Dave Lesar was ready to go hostile in takeover bid of rival Baker Hughes

 Halliburton's Dave Lesar posed for me in 2007. Photo ©2007-F. Carter Smith

News reports have surfaced that the deal was just consummated for $34.6B dollars. Lesar also stated that recent low gasoline prices are short-lived.

During his 14 years leading Halliburton Co. , Chief Executive Dave Lesar has faced down criticism over some big issues.

The company’s no-bid contract to provide logistical support for the U.S. military in Iraq, for example. A Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigation into construction work in Nigeria. Halliburton’s work on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig before it exploded in 2010. And, most recently, Halliburton’s role as a leader in hydraulic fracturing, which has come under fire from many environmental groups.

Now Mr. Lesar, 61 years old, is facing criticism over his hostile bid to take over Baker Hughes Inc . The smaller oil-field services rival, in an email to Mr. Lesar, described Halliburton’s actions as intransigent and inappropriate.

Baker Hughes didn’t release any responses Halliburton might have written, and a A Halliburton spokeswoman declined to comment. (WSJ)


On being renowned ... Humbling to be recognized for just doing my thing.

Was thrilled to see this gallery of my images appear in Culture Map Houston. Not your average party!

Culture Map Houston

Check out Culture Map 5th Birthday Bash photo collection by FCS Photos





Marina Bows Out

Marina Bows Out from F. Carter Smith on Vimeo.



The $60 Million Hangover


The weather this past week did not suck. Our visitors from colder climes now know one of our great secrets. Winter! It seems at first glance that the city and the NBA put on a safe and prosperous all-star event. I saw evidence of community service efforts by day and many VIP events at night, perhaps explaining the TNT half-time hangover. The city of Houston chamber estimated an influx of 50,000 people and at least $60m spent. The Galleria had to be shut down due to over capacity Friday in spite of the 6 mph traffic games. (Note to TXDOT: Who decided to close the Westheimer exit off 610 Loop South Friday?)

So, overall, the city gets a lot of good press and revenue. The restauranteurs will need some days off to recover from the back-to-back Valentines to Ballentines turnover. Judging by the police presence, there was plenty of scoring and penalties charged after hours. I'd like to see what that cost adds up to.

It was a nice TV event, but not too much in it for the population at large. Certainly nothing to remember for decades. Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the Rockets back-to-back championship runs. That we can all agree on.